Journal Entry & Chapter Links

Thank you for taking the time to read the work I am currently producing.  Below are links to each chapter and their order.  Keep in mind, you will only be getting a piece of the puzzle from each chapter and every now and again I will publish a complete chapter.  Once the work is ready for publishing, there will be a link where you can go to purchase it as an e-book first.

Journal Entry # 1

Chapter 1 Preview:  Work Life

Journal Entry # 2

Chapter 2 Preview:  The Open Door

Journal Entry # 3

Chapter 3 Preview: Stand and Deliver

Journal Entry # 4

Chapter 4 Preview: Range Time

Journal Entry # 5

Chapter 5 Preview: Bill Thomas

Journal Entry # 6

“Endure” is the work and intellectual property of Tom Randall, Copyright (c) 2013, all rights reserved.


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