About Endure:

A novel set in the not-so-distant future.

John “Fox” Tippens, a once-aspiring writer, recalls his struggles as he learned to prepare and provide, almost too late, for his family during and after the calamities that took America from a First-world country to a Third-World country. Using his journal as a cathartic process, John records his thoughts and memories in hopes that what he has gone through will help the generations ahead to learn from the mistakes of the past. In between the journal entires are third-person accounts of events that run the time line of pre-collapse as well as post-collapse.

About the Author:

Tom Kenobi, father and husband, lives in the PAC-NW.  Writing genres that fascinate him include: science fiction, historical fiction, and post-apocalyptic/collapse fiction.  He is the author of the online work-in-progress “Sam” over at Life In The Question Marks where he also serves as the “chief blogger and question-asker” deconstructing and examining his faith.

“Endure” is the work and intellectual property of Tom Randall, Copyright (c) 2013, all rights reserved.


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