Train, train more, train harder.

Inspired by this post over at SHTFPLAN. Antifa (link for humor, but truth is oft found in humor) and their ilk are speaking more and more about training, organizing, and learning how to be proficient in hand to hand combat as well as weapons. These are people who are willing to make IEDs out of glass bottles and […]

via Train, train more. Train harder. — In Pursuit of Mastery


About Tom Kenobi

Pursuing Mastery over the various aspects of my life. From deconstructing and examining my faith, to discussing fitness or providing a bit of fictional writing, anything goes. Finding the harmony in all these things while married, a father of four, and working a full time job. If I can do it, so can you. Overcome. Improve. Take Ownership. Get Shit Done. No Excuses. Acta Non Verba. Freedom | Strength | Courage | Honor | Mastery | Fitness | Combatives | Guns | Tattoos | Reading | Writing
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