Stoicism: Necessary Development for the NPT Leader and Member

An excellent article on Stoicism over at DTG. Some excellent things to consider in the article. I have been reading Epictetus, first “The Golden Sayings…” and am currently 60% through “The Enchiridion”. Marcus Aurelius’ “Meditations” is on my list as the next Stoic writing to read.

The Defensive Training Group


On Stoicism

To develop the essential trait of Stoicism, the first thing you must do intellectually is to rid yourself of ‘moral relativism’ and embrace some absolutes when it comes to the moral code that you will operate under.  A good way to do that is to understand and begin to apply Stoicism in your own beliefs and daily life. Here’s a good link from Wikipedia to give you a general overview of what Stoicism is (if it’s new to you):

Basic Tenets

The Stoics provided a unified account of the world, consisting of formal logic, non-dualistic physics and naturalistic ethics. Of these, they emphasized ethics as the main focus of human knowledge[this would be what ‘honor’ is built upon – ed], though their logical theories were to be of more interest for many later philosophers.

Stoicism teaches the development of self-control and fortitude as a…

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