Journal Entry # 5

The summer season has been kind to us. The first fruits of the spring sewing time began to come in; potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, a few types of beans – just to name a few.

I’ve noticed that I say “we” a lot in my journal and I forget myself and part of the reason for writing this journal. I will try to specify whom I am speaking about, but the “we” is important. Since our shifts rotate and everyone except the smallest of us participate in the success of the ranch, it really is a “we” in many regards. Our little band, our outpost.

All of us respect this land since it belongs to Jenkins, but he was first, adamant even, to encourage us to take ownership in this place since this is all we have left until this nation is rebuilt, if ever. I made sure to follow-up with everyone and stress that they should still treat his land with the respect of a good guest or family member, to leave it better than we found it – if you could say that it needed to be “better” – but the ownership aspect helped. Everyone had a hand in whether we saw another season or not, whether we would be successful or not.

For the most part, we have been fairly successful.

I have asked my wife and Jenkins for help, to remind me about this journal and write when I have the free time.

Forgive me if my handwriting is somewhat irregular today. I had a little extra free time today than normal and I just got done with a grueling session of personal training. I had to get a little creative, lifting or throwing different sized and weighted objects, but it was good. Definitely nothing like having a fancy gym with all the equipment you could ask for. Even then, it amazed me why there would be rows of televisions in front of the rows of stationary bicycles, treadmills and elliptical machines. Were we really that desperate for distraction? On the occasion I would use one of those machines, if I couldn’t turn it off, I’d throw a towel over the monitor in front of me. Just another reason why I preferred getting on my bike outside, or running a trail, or lifting weights. NO TV. At most, you could have your own personal soundtrack of nature or a portable music player, that would be it.

I wonder what those gyms and fitness centers look like now in the city? Or across the country? I know some form of civilization still exists in the cities nearest to us, but I’m not brave enough – or stupid enough – to want to find out what state my old town is in. I don’t want to assume, but given the small altercations we’ve had out in the country…one can only imagine.


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