How a Feral Gang/Opposing Force Might Come at Your Retreat – Pt III

Part 3. Read & consider.

The Defensive Training Group

Rural Defense

In Parts I & II, we briefly looked at the possible POI (Plan of Instruction) that might include a general OPLAN (Operations Plan) of a feral gang/group that is right now, as you read this, training to take your supplies, your weapons, your food, and your women and/or children from you during a SHTF situation. Then we looked at how they might execute the OPLAN. You can review Part I here, and Part II, here.

In Part III, we’re going to look at the minimum activities required to circumvent their activities, or, in plain language, making the cost of attacking your retreat too high.   Predators always factor in the Opportunity Cost of any attack on potential prey. Always. So, you must project enough strength that the predator clearly sees an exorbitant price for initiating an attack.

First things first. And yes, you’ve heard this here, at JC’s, at Max’s

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