How a Feral Gang/Opposing Force Might Come at Your Retreat – Pt II

Another good article from the staff at DTG. Ready, read.

The Defensive Training Group

Stong Armed Robbery

In Part I, all we covered was the possible POI (Plan of Instruction) or OPLAN (Operations Plan) of a group/gang that is planning to leech off of preppers, NPT’s, or anyone who’s had the foresight to prepare for bad times once SHTF.

In this installment, we’ll speculate at how they might implement the items in Part I.

First, let’s look at the foundation:  Member selection, vetting, and training.  Just as their POI/OPLAN outline has no room for games, so will the leader’s selection, vetting, and training of his/her members (yes, there will be female gang leaders who will be just as vicious if not more than their male counterparts, so count on it).

The best type of personality the leader can hope to get is a border line sociopath.  This person doesn’t feel the same things the same way as ‘normal’ people.  He or she can do things without ever feeling…

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