How a Feral Gang/Opposing Force Might Come at Your ‘Retreat’

Make sure you read DTG’s article reveiwing “Doomsday Marauders” first. Both articles are worth the attention.

The Defensive Training Group


If you’re curious as to why DTG, JC, Max, Mosby, and Sierra 12 are always harping on getting training, getting and keeping in shape, and getting your collective shit into one bucket, the below operating assumptions of your basic criminal OPFOR bent on taking your property, family, and liberty from you should be more than enough explanation.  And these guys aren’t giving the oft times heard ‘reasons’ for not training….they’re just doing it.


Possible OPFOR Operating Assumptions

Mindset: Thinks and conditions as a predator, defined as: Any organism that exists by preying [taking by force the lawful property of others (including life, liberty, property, or the taking persons without consent] upon other organisms. Origin: 1920–25; < Latin praedātor plunderer, equivalent to praedā ( ) to plunder (derivative of praeda prey) + -tor -tor

  1. Does not recognize ‘rules’ of any kind, except on whim. Legal or moral.
  2. Always…

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