Book Review: “Doomsday Marauders,” by Kilkenny

Read the article AND the comments exchanged between the author of the book and the DTG staff.

The Defensive Training Group

Doomsday book

You can it on Amazon if your interested or you can go to his website, here.

The R&D guy somehow, somewhere became aware of this book and, knowing me well, indicated that this might be worth a post…or two…or whatever.

He was right.  It’s worth a post because it has valuable information for the NPT leaders and provides a good baseline of training to counter this particular type of OPFOR.

The premise of the book itself, “To hell with prepping, become a marauder and simply TAKE what you need from others!” really went against the grain for several reasons:

  • The encouraging of taking by brute force the lawfully owned property of others denies every single principle the Republic was founded upon.
  • The presentation is strictly at the base level of human existence: The Law of the Jungle
  • The presentation contradicts itself with the author’s contention that rape is not permissible…

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