Hygiene, Part Two: Cheeseburgers in Paradise

Part two. Read and consider.


If hygiene can be defined as the science and actions needed to prevent the spread of illness and disease, then a modern understanding of illness and disease clearly demonstrates that our health and fitness is a critical aspect of personal hygiene. In some ways, it can be argued that these are at least as critical to personal longevity as staying clean, or getting clean is. There’s a reason a fit, 19 year old infantryman can withstand living conditions that would put those of us more….ahem…advanced on the age scale, under a moving Greyhound Bus.

I’ve belabored the importance of PT and fitness in this blog, ad nauseum. If you haven’t figured out that importance by now, me continuing to flagellate deceased equines is unlikely to do you a damned bit of good, but…just to maintain my reputation as a meathead jock, asshole….you need to be doing PT: personally, I recommend…

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