Preparedness: Why? My Government Will Step In….

Interesting things to consider. 1/3

The Defensive Training Group

Yes, the government will, but not necessarily in the way you might think.  As many economists believe our own country is on an inevitable course toward financial disaster and/or implosion, it is prudent to brainstorm various reactions of unprepared people and the government balancing them against your preparations and level of training to keep your family, neighborhood, and community safe.


The protests in Ukraine demonstrate how all governments respond. Even England went after kids trying to organize on Twitter. The governments monitor everything now to head-off protests. A 12-year old in England found that out the hard way. The US arrested a man for using Twitter to help protesters evade police.

In Ukraine, after weeks of student protests over the government corruption and its failure to sign a European integration and association treaty, the police violently cracked down on protesters, and politicians passed a series of new laws in…

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