PT Challenge – Warrior 5000

P.T. – a cornerstone of any survival situation.

The Defensive Training Group

push up

That’s 5,000 pushups between tomorrow morning and Christmas day.  Works out to about 102 or so [math error corrected, thanks to a commenter], a day, every day, 7 days a week, depending on when you start, per day.  Honor system.

Here’s the specifics:

Got what it takes?

I start mine tomorrow morning….130 for the first day (behavior correction for math error).  5 sets of 26 throughout the day, wide grip.  Yeah, I know, that’s actually 130, but who cares.  I’ll just get there by Christmas Eve…maybe.

Update: To date, 3,500 done, up to 100 – 200 a day, depending on schedule and how I feel. How are you doing?

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2 Responses to PT Challenge – Warrior 5000

  1. DTG-III says:

    Complted push-up 4,900 this morning. 100 left to do tomorrow….

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