Land Navigation Essential Tools

For your consideration.

The Defensive Training Group

topographic map


UDPATE 2: We’re considering scheduling an open enrollment land nav class, interest dependent, for September.  So, if you want to learn land navigation, using either compass listed below, shoot a note over to us.  We have a 12 slot minimum; cost:  $100 per registrant.

Subjects/skills covered:

  • Navigation tools nomenclature and correct use (USGI Lensatic & Suunto MC2 type compass, protractor, UTM scale, and map).
  • Azimuth and back azimuth determination.
  • USGI Lensatic Compass Bezel Ring use.
  • Natural or manmade occurrences that degrade compass accuracy.
  • Topographical map marginal information identification and use.
  • Correct identification of grid squares by four digit coordinates.
  • Grid Plotting:  Four, six, and eight digit grids.
  • Grid and Magnetic Azimuths.
  • Declination impact on grid azimuths; conversion of grid and magnetic azimuths using provided map declination.
  • Intersection
  • Modified Resection
  • Plot and execute a predetermined route finding each point provided within the given time limit without becoming lost.

Confirmed registrants will be provided a link to purchase their training…

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